Our Services

We offer wealth management services for high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth private clients. We put the interests of our clients first. We maintain an ongoing interaction with our clients, regardless of the type of mandate chosen. Our relationships with our clients are based on trust, and often go back at least a couple of decades.

Types of mandates

Our clients can choose between two types of mandates:
— Discretionary mandate: The client provides TBH with the decision-making power to manage their assets in line with the mutually-agreed-upon risk-return-impact profile of the client and the client’s needs.

— Advisory mandate: The client wishes TBH to provide them with investment guidance, but the final decision-making power remains in the hands of the client.

Investment strategies & process

We have a range of six investment strategies for every major currency that clients can be allocated to. In addition, we are able to provide tailor-made solutions upon special request.

Our investment analysis and decision-making process is aligned with the client’s carefully-addressed needs and expectations. We invest for the long term and create portfolios that reflect strategic thinking, the most appropriate asset allocation, and aspire to account for the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact of the products that we invest in.

We consistently monitor the developments in financial markets and make or suggest adjustments to the portfolio depending on the type of mandate (i.e. discretionary or advisory).

Open architecture

We are an independent asset manager, and as such, are happy to provide our clients with out-of-the-box solutions where possible, if such solutions are deemed to be the best ones.

We work with a number of custodian banks in Switzerland and the US. We have carefully selected these banks based on factors such as their financial strength, reliability, fast service and execution, and our existing relations with some of those banks.

The open architecture structure enables us to offer our clients a range of products from different managers and providers without compromise or conflict of interest vis-à-vis the client, obtain attractive execution prices, and access an array of analytical tools.

Geographic markets

Our current primary markets include Israel and Latin America.

Data privacy

We value our clients’ privacy. Our Data Protection Directive can be found here.